Sizing Guide

SIZING GUIDE: *roughly* (sizing can vary slightly)

X-Small: 6.5 in (width) x 5 in (length) - (Best for dogs with 11" neck and smaller)
Small: 8.5 in x 7 in - (Best for dogs with 12"-13" necks)
Medium: 10.5 in x 8 in - (Best for dogs with 14"-16" necks)
Large: 12.5 in x 9 in - (Best for dogs with 17"-18" necks)
X-Large: 13.5 in x 9.5 in - (Best for dogs with 19" and larger necks)

Feel free to reach out if you need custom sizing!

Sizing is based more on the size of the dog rather than how many inches your pups neck is since these bandanas don't wrap all the way around your pups neck.  The inches in width for the bandana you choose should be smaller than your pups actual neck size. 

Over the Collar:

Over the collar bandanas have a hole for your pups collar to slip through. The over the collar bandanas are meant to be slipped over your pup's collar for ease and safer use. 

Tie On (Elastics)

Tie on bandanas are the exact same size as the over the collar bandanas, however, they have stretchy elastics sewn onto both sides of the bandana to tie onto your pups neck. The stretchy elastics make for a comfier bandana for your pup since the elastics don't bunch into a knot like traditional tie on bandanas.